How to Get a Free QR Code for a website

You can get QR code for your website by going to any QR code generator website, submitting your website URL, and getting the QR Code, but most of these platforms are paid.
If you don’t have a website you can still get QR Code for your business by simply listing your business for free at https://ilistugo.com/register and then downloading QR Code from the dashboard.

Can I sell my products or services from Shopify Amazon Etsy AirBnB or other platforms?

Yes, it is possible to sell products and services from other platforms on iListUGo.  Whenever you upload a product or service there is an option for Buy Now button you can place any third-party URL and direct it to Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Airbnb, or your own Website.

How can I advertise across multiple networks like Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok LinkedIn Pinterest?

Social Media Marketing is a very effective strategy to promote your business. You can directly use the main social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest, and YouTube as well and post directly to your pages. You can also connect your social media pages to your business listing on iListUGo and redirect visitors from your profile to promote your social media pages. iListUGo also provides the option of social media shout-outs through a marketing calendar. Businesses can book a shout-out for any National Day and get featured on the official social media pages of iListUGo.

How can I boost my followers across social media like Facebook Instagram Twitter TikTok LinkedIn Pinterest?

To boost your followers on social media you should
a. Actively engage with your fans and followers
b. Post and share unique content

c. Use trending hashtags
d. Add your social media links on your business listing to direct visitors from your listing to your social media.

How can I make money with iListUGo?

Once you list your business on iListUGo, it gets featured in front of thousands of shoppers from your area. This gives you more potential customers resulting in more sales and more money.
iListUGo also provides a cash-out program, in which retailers can earn credits and convert those credits into real cash. As customers click through your QR codes and register, you earn marketing credits for the engagement of your customers. These credits can be cashed out as real cash.

Can I start selling through iListUGo.com with no money down / Can I try the platform for free?

Yes, you can start for free. iListUGo is helping small businesses list their business for free. Once you list your business you can earn credits on the engagement of shoppers on your listing. You will earn credits on QR code scans, reviews, and followers. These credits can be used for marketing your business online and using AI features.

Can I leave a review for a company that is not listed?

No, in order to leave a review business has to be listed. You leave a review on the business listing. If that business is not on iListUGo, you can use suggest a business option and list that business yourself and then leave review over there.

How can I list a new company that just opened?

Listing a company is very easy. You follow these easy steps
1. Go to iListUGo.com
2. Register yourself as a shopper
3. Click on Suggest business
4. Enter Business details on suggesting a business form
5. Click submit
Your listing is submitted. If you own this business you can proceed further and claim it as well by clicking on the claim this business.

How can I get more traffic to my website and get more customers?

To increase your website traffic and customers you should
a. Perform Keyword Research. Always include relevant keywords in your content
b. Use Paid Ads
c. Send Email Newsletters
d. Keep Social Media active
e. List your business on iListUGo.com. Listing your business on iListUGo will boost the overall Visibility of your listing. Your business listing gets indexed in Google and other search engines and gets visible to thousands of shoppers and Gets you more customers.

Do you sell my personal information to advertisers?

We use your personal information just for our recommendation system and to recommend your business and products to new shoppers who might be interested in that. The security of your Personal Information is important to us, we don’t sell your data.

Am I able to link my delivery services like DoorDash and UberEats to my listing?

Yes while listing your business we have a section, especially for your delivery options. Where you can link your delivery services.

What can I do with your shopper points that I keep getting for leaving a review?

Shopper points can be redeemed into amazing discounts and vouchers. You can also use them to get thousands of gift cards from big companies like Amazon, Netflix, Samsung, etc.

How can I get more marketing credits for my business?

Earning credits is simple
                 1. Sell your product
                 2. Ask your customer to leave a review on your listing
                 3. Ask your customer for reviews, and perform other activities on your listing

I already have a yelp listing will this help or hurt it?

Yes, it will be helpful. Yelp has limited features while iListUGo is providing numerous features to its customers. Features like QR Code scan, reviews, followers, customer list, product upload, the marketing calendar, etc. So There are many unique features that you must explore and use as a business owner so it is always better to have your business on several listing platforms.

Do you offer a social booster to enhance my brand online?

Yes, we offer a social booster to enhance your brand’s online presence. Listing your business on iListUGo gets your business featured all over the social media and search engines which provides a boost to the online presence of your brand. Your brand gets recognition and enhances its credibility.