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Bachmann N 62351 EMD SD9, SP #5472 (DCC Sound)-"Black Widow"
Bachmann N 62351 EMD SD9, Southern Pacific #5472 (DCC Sound) With its six axles providing a smoother ride, the EMD SD9 proved popular with a variety of railroads. Manufactured in the late 50s, some are still running today on tourist lines. Bachmann's model comes with the Econami SoundTraxx DCC sound decoder. Factory set for EMD SD9 realism, the diesel package also offers a choice of 5 prime movers, 16 airhorns, multiple variations of 7 bell types, 2 air compressors, and 3 couplers plus a function-activated grade-crossing signal-all in 16-bit polyphonic sound. Econami includes adjustable auto-notching sensitivity for prototypical operation, adjustable master volume and individual sound effect volume levels, advanced consisting, and more. Â
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Bachmann Trains
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Bachmann N 62351 EMD SD9, SP #5472 (DCC Sound)-"Black Widow" qrcode
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